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There we go. After years of showing "Under Construction" I finally have released my new website. Why? Well, there is a lot of interest from foreign amateurs for the projects we do at our local radio club, PI4RAZ, and my personal experiments. But most publications are in Dutch. Which makes it pretty hard to read for foreign visitors...



So when I got an offer for free webspace at qsl.nu, I decided to publish a couple of articles about for instance the Bitx20 add-ons in English on that site. And then, that site crashed. Of course, I did not have a backup. I considered that the providers' risk. But he thought different.

Anyway, time for a fresh start. Here we are again, running from a small Linux server at home. And that should do, unless this site is going to generate considerable traffic. For now: enjoy...

73 de Frank PA3CNO


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